Decisions in health Care to Introduce or Diffuse Innovations using Evidence (DECIDE) Survey

This survey is asking for your views about different types of evidence that are used when making decisions to adopt or diffuse innovations in the NHS. Innovation in the NHS can take many different forms. It usually involves developing a new idea to meet a health care need. Often innovation may be related to clinical or administrative processes, but it may also involve the development of new medical technologies or clinical tools. Examples of health care innovations might be information systems, surgical equipment, new drugs and new therapeutic uses for drugs or medical devices. An innovation does not have to be completely novel – for example, you can adopt a service development that is being done elsewhere and it is still an innovation in your organisation and in your local context.

We are interested in your experience of decision-making in the NHS and the kinds of evidence that you prioritise in your decision-making when deciding whether or not to adopt an innovation.

Taking part in this survey is voluntary. No personal details will be asked of you in this survey, and published reports about this survey will not contain any personal details.

Completing the questionnaire

The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

For each question please tick the box that is closest to your views. For some questions you will be instructed that you may tick more than one box. Sometimes you will find the box you have ticked hides other questions, this ensures you will miss out questions that do not apply to you.
Don’t worry if you make a mistake; simply tick the correct box.

Please do not type your name or address anywhere on the questionnaire.

If you have any queries about the questionnaire, please call the FREEPHONE helpline number on 0800 783 1775